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Click here to download the PDF manualThis new passive pointing and tracking system does not use any encoders.
It takes advantage of electronic sensors, such as gyroscope, GPS, inclinometer and other devices to detect the position.
It connects via Bluethoot or WIFI to the Skysafary APP (no free version) to determine the point in the sky and search for celestial objects of all kinds.
Can be installed on telescope directly with 10BW090 mount (optional)
Perfect for Dobsonian and astronomical binocular mounts.
Needs only 5V power supply (power bank type)(optional)

Click here to download the PDF manual

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  1. Wouter van Reeven (verified owner)

    Connecting to the device via WIFI on my iPhone, iPad and Intel MacBook is easy. My MacBook also allows me to connect via BlueTooth. The connection in SkySafari Pro 6 on my MacBook via BlueTooth is rock steady. The connection in SkySafari Pro 6 and 7 via WIFI isn’t great as Geoptik already indicate in the “manual”. The connection often hangs for a few seconds (which is annoying when homing in on a target) but then restores without losing alignment. Speaking of the “manual”, a PDF with screenshots in Italian isn’t a manual. After going through it and connecting to the device, I still had many questions. Ezio of Geoptik very kindly answered them quickly!

    The device works well. For my first test I aligned with Venus before sunset and then was able to find Arcturus, Spica and Regulus. They showed up well within the 1.4º field of view of a Nagler 26 mm eye piece in my 12″ F/5 dob. So why only 4 stars? The device doesn’t handle large angular distances in azimuth well. A 45º slew goes well enough. Anything more than that and the object isn’t in the field of view of that same 26 mm Nagler. Upon asking Geoptik about aligning on multiple star, Ezio kindly replied that that won’t work. You need to align on an object (bright star, faint galaxy, doesn’t matter) close by and then pointing will be good.

    This proves to be true. First aligning on, for instance, the globular cluster M 3 allows me to slew very well to the globular cluster M 53 and then from there to the globular clusters M 5, M 10, M 12 and M 14 as well without the need for aligning in between. Slewing to M 13 was too much and I needed to align first on an object close by or on M 13 itself. Slewing then to M 92 was too much again and another align was needed.

    Taking all of this into account and comparing to push-to solutions that use my iPhone’s compass abilities, this device is well worth its money. It takes getting used to using it (the need to sync when slewing over large angles and the need for restarting alignment, as SkySafari calls it, since the device doesn’t always accept align commands) but once done, the device works very well and accurately!

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