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The VARIUS project was born from the idea to have a UNIQUE container that becomes available a sufficient number of amperes, (in this case are 20 A) with a voltage of 12V, usable in many ways to access and especially in the variability of absorption use.

This project would at the same time solved the problem of the quantity of the cables around the telescope that go from the battery to the various devices. It is expected to secure the varius at the top of the telescope but you can also attach to the mount or to the rings. This way no cables can disturb the movements of the mount and the instrument. In practice, only the general power cord comes to the VARIUS from which branches off the other cables powering all devices (filter wheel, flat field, cooled CCD (high absorption), guide CCD, power supply mount, electric focuser, etc … )
A dedicated output port for the computer is provided on the side.

There are also 4-port USB2 hight speed (supplied internally) for all data collection devices. Another peculiarity is output with variable power from 4.5 to 10,5Volts with 2Ampere. This will give you a way to take advantage of those devices that need a different voltage. You access this function with an on / off button that activates the variable mode by adjusting the Volt through a manual power control. You can see the power set with a bright display (red). If you do not need this function just return the switch to Off to have the 12V standard on the same port.

The VARIUS is fixed on the telescope, the rings or on the mount, leads through a small male / female plate with a special mechanical design that locks strongly.
When the photo session is over is very easy to remove the VARIUS No screws or mechanical tools on which to act to remove the VARIUS.

Is provided with safety systems to close the current delivery if you exceed the consumption limits set out. The system will reactivate once the event that caused the greatest absorption is removed.
The kit is provided with a wired power supply cable to be used with car battery with quick-release clamps. It’s possible to remove the clamps quick-release if you wanted to use a battery with two threaded polarity.

The Varius comes with a sealed case for transport.

It ‘also provided a kit for the 220V supply power with 18,5Ampere and 222 Wat. (# 30B331A)
The heart of VARIUS is a unique original electronic card, exclusively designed for Geoptik, thus ensuring affidabiltà and safe use.

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