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BINOPLUS is an integrated system mount for binoculars in that it provides a pantograph mount complete with a dedicated aluminum tripod and counterweight.

It is the result of Geoptik’s experience that together with the suggestions, opinions and experiences of many amateurs at starparty and specific events, allowed us to design and produce this mount

Providing the complete system was a compulsory choice given the experience of many users who, after purchasing similar systems, did not complete the kit with a suitable tripod and thus creating sistuctions that threatened stability and correct operation.

The BINOPLUS fits easily into the tripod through a threaded pin; the entire system rotates on special roller bearings that give it a stable and smooth rotary motion.

The elements that characterize the BINOPLUS GEOPTIK are its construction materials, size, ease of assembly in the field, the ‘use of various types of binoculars by shape and weight in addition to its design and the all-Italian production make it a product of certain success.

The ease of mounting in the field, most of the time in low visibility conditions, is ensured by a simple locking of the horizontal axis by means of mechanical stop that forces the pantograph in a stable position avoiding uncontrolled movements of the pantograph. This allows both the counterweights and the binocular-holding  to be mounted safely.

This position also allows the system to be perfectly balanced by means of a removable bar that supports the counterweight(s).

In addition, the BINOPLUS is designed to prevent critical hand safety points.

The pantograph undergoes a good epoxy-polyester paint finish (RAL 7035) that is very resistant to weathering and surface scratches.

Also included you will find an anti-fatigue handle, both Dx and SX, to control the bascule. This useful accessory will allow you to move the binoculars to any position without any fatigue to your arms that would otherwise have to be held aloft in order to operate the binocular holder.

Lastly, this BINOPLUS incorporates an anti-fall safety system for the binoculars; in fact once the bascula is inserted two clamps will permanently lock the binoculars in their position preventing them from falling if by chance the bascula should tip over and cause the binoculars to fall by gravity.


Maximum tripod extension (height): 1420 mm

Maximum loaded weight with 1 counterweight of 5 kg. (included) : 3.5 kg.
Maximum loaded weight with 2 counterweights of 5-kg. : 9 Kg.
Weight of the aluminum tripod : 5 Kg.
Weight of the pantograph : 9 Kg.
Total weight : 21 Kg.

Optional accessories:

20D810 : Additional 5 Kg. counterweight with 20 mm adapter.
20D820 : Pack-in-bag type transport bag.

It is possible to change the subtitle language in the video settings 

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 117 × 50 × 25 cm

1 review for Pantograph Binoplus

  1. Andrew Corkill (verified owner)

    I bought this mount and Tripod for my Explore Scientific 120mm Binoculars. It supports them with ease and are very fun to use.
    This is a very stable platform and I can easily use the Giant Binoculars in a sitting or a standing position. There is always a very comfortable position and the balance is perfect.
    Thanks for making a great product for Giant Binoculars. This is the only Binocular Mounting system on the market that can handle such large binoculars and still offer great flexibility with positioning.
    I live in the United States and shipping from Italy went perfect! Everything arrived in great condition.

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